Artisan Chocolates

“I have a true, romantic and health-minded dedication – a real purpose through the creation of DARLENA Artisan Chocolates to give a truly authentic chocolate tasting with our Chocolate Art Jewels Collection.

Our chocolates are made with the best handcrafted care worked by artisan hands and not mass-producing machines.  Look at our ingredients of the products when shopping here, that speaks everything.  We use the highest grade and caliber of cocoa bean varietals of criollo and trinitario; in fact, these finest flavor beans account for about 3% – 12% of the world’s cocoa production, respectively.  Sustainability has been certified for the cacao production, fair trade practices are in use and vital for ecologically balanced cultivation, and the cocoa bean varietals DARLENA Artisan Chocolates uses has a guarantee of traceability of the cocoa’s origin.  We use the purest ingredients and certified organic wherever possible and include other ingredients that are health-promoting while supporting green living with our eco-friendly packaging and shipping methods and operational procedures.  We are focused on ethical sourcing and sustainability efforts, and truly helping to make this world and our lives for each other a little more beautiful and enriching one chocolate at a time.   We are dedicated to keep the old world artisan craft alive while also taking it to a whole new platform and paradigm while also supporting contemporary art and design and The Arts as a whole.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to bring back the Romance of Life through our chocolates…Its Purity, Beauty, and Best to You – Darlena


Our Promise

Our are made from the purest & most natural ingredients available… products have gone through Non-gmo certification, chocolates are ethically sourced, strives to use all gluten-free ingredients, no preservatives or artificial coloring/flavors, & of the utmost highest caliber cocoa bean varietal quality. [Read More]